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Texas Conveyor Maintenance offers on-site training classes


Texas Conveyor Maintenance offers a class to be conducted on the job site or in your home yard.  We understand keeping your equipment running is JOB #1 and the more your employees understand, the better we can help you do this.  The experienced crews at Texas Conveyor Maintenance specialize in all types of conveyors and you should not have to worry about needless down time.  However in the event a problem does arise, the more your people know, the quicker you can be up and running again.


The classes offered by Texas Conveyor Maintenance are 2 hours long and taught by Ralph Moreno, owner.  He suggests splitting your crews up in groups and holding a class for each group so you do not have everyone off the job at once.  Upon completion of the class, each of your field technicians and mechanics will have more knowledge on conveyor maintenance.  Let's face it, you have more important things to worry about, but once Ralph points out what to look for, you will be able to avoid off any potential problems.


Safety is always important at Texas Conveyor Maintenance and having your equipment in top running condition is a big part of the equation.  Increasing the knowledge and awareness of your technician and mechanics not only improve efficiency, but also reduces accidents.


Upon completion of the Texas Conveyor Maintenance safety and maintenance course, each attending member will receive a certification from us as verification of attendance.  Each person you have attend this course will pay back dividends for your company through less time loss due to down machinery and create a safer working environment.

By investing in maintenace classes taught by Ralph, your savings will come straight to the bottom line, preventing costly down time.  Teach your crew what to look for, keeping your conveyors running smoothly.

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